Through long-term human resources planning, we want to prevent fluctuations in production caused by labor shortages, retirement and natural employee turnover.


In meetings with parents, we want to promote fields in which it is possible to participate in the dual education system and study or training programs in which students can apply after school.


We offer high school students the opportunity to:

  • complete professional practice corresponding to the field of study,
  • take part in an excursion directly in the production (maximum number in 1 group is 25 people),
  • engage in a dual education system with our partners.

The main point of cooperation with high schools is the dual education system. Dual education is a way of preparing for a profession, which teaches students to turn theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge directly on the soil of the future employer, brings a higher level of readiness for work, faster acquisition of work habits and greater chances to enter the labor market. Theoretical teaching remains a part of teaching at school, practical training takes place from the second year in the real conditions of the company Tatravagónka Tlmače.

Tatravagónka Tlmače provides the following for students:

    • reward for productive work,
    • protective equipment.

Tatravagónka Tlmače, in cooperation with partners, plans to become part of the dual education system from September 2022 and guarantees the participating students security of future employment. Secondary schools with which we plan to cooperate in dual education:

Secondary Technical School, Kozmálovská cesta 9, Tlmače, Center for Vocational Education and Training for Welding and NDT

For more information, please contact: Hana Herchelová – Education Specialist (, 0918 361 293).